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Archive of Old Websites

Website 2015-2022

Website 2008-2014



Peter Child — tools and equipment

Turners’ Retreat — tools and other woodturning supplies

Stiles and Bates — tools and timber

Axminster Tools — everything you need

English Hardwoods — timber from Northamptonshire

Timberline Exotic Hardwoods — great range of exotics and tools

RDG Tools — well known at model engineering exhibitions

Honey Brothers — Forestry and arborist equipment

Exotic Woodshop Hardwoods UK

The Mulberry Bush — premier stockist of Jo Sonja’s acrylic paints and mediums

Crown Hand Tools – Sheffield hand tool manufacturer

Elston Sawmill – Steve Wright brings a great range of wood to the club

Hamilton Beverstock – widest range of bandsaw blades

Snainton Woodworking Supplies – Scarborough based stockists of machinery, tools and timber

The ToolPost – quality tools and equipment

Turner’s Cabin – Lincoln based company (South Hykeham) supplying wood turning tools, equipment, timber and much more

Festool – Power tools provider

Information and Inspiration

Dust is Dangerous – white paper on the dangers of inhaling dust – although this relates to the construction industry it also refers to the dangers of wood dust.

The Woodturner’s Workshop — Brian Clifford’s UK website with a huge range of information, projects and video clips, including the Introduction to Woodturning — e-book for beginners

Woodturning Online — if you’re short of ideas this website has project plans for just about anything you might consider making together with many informative articles relating to all areas of woodturning

The Daniel Collection — showcasing a selection of woodturners

Around the Woods — Woodturning tips, techniques and projects

Paul Hannaby — woodturning related information and articles

Sofas and Sectionals — has this woodturning resources page with plenty of useful information including the history of woodturning

Sydney Woodturners Guild — particularly useful articles and advice

One Good Turn: McEvoy Turnings — worth checking out Brian’s photo sequences of making a vase (starting with a 600 lb log) and a 46 inch diameter platter

Health and Safety Executive — good general advice on dangers of wood dust and debunks some myths about ‘what H&S won’t let you do’, plus advice on what to consider when doing a risk assessment.

UK Workshop Woodturning forum — if you’ve got a question you’ll find plenty of help here

More Woodturning Magazine is a monthly online magazine from the US – you can read a free sample edition before deciding to subscribe. As this is an American publication it will talk about things not available in the UK but the tutorials may be worth checking out and American turners are often more adventurous in their turning.

Alan’s Factory Outlet has a Guide to Wood Turning – this has a lot of Woodturning information including Basics, Techniques and Tools, a few of the links are not available.

Beginners Guide to Woodturning – This can be found on the website, which despite it’s name has a whole range of information for woodturners, including tools, lathes and links to projects

Woodturning Organisations

Association of Woodturners of Great Britain

American Association of Woodturners

UK Workshops — turning forum

Woodworkers Institute

Members’ Websites

Rick Dobney –